Workplace Analysis

This element of our work can provide clients the basis of what they should be looking for. Shortlists for buildings are normally drawn up before signing a lease, how best to understand new office space by seeing preliminary block plans for all the buildings with costs shown to, the cost differentials could be quite substantial from one building to the next .

Prior to any design work, the most important part of the project is in that of learning how the client operates. Carrying out a full workplace analysis tells us how the client functions within their existing environment, how staff interact, departmental adjacencies, how technology is used and for what reasons. By speaking with key individuals, we ascertain what the future may hold. Whether it involves the refurbishment of existing space or if looking to relocate to larger / smaller premises, the document we prepare will show evidence of how much space is required, with growth in the company, how long it would take before reaching maximum occupancy, how energy savings could be made and how we could improve the workplace, by Design.

Sometimes, the most cost effective way to improve your work space, is to stand back, allow us to do what we do best and suggest how and where we could improve, who knows, it could just mean a change of colour !