Furniture Specification and Procurement

Sourcing the appropriate furniture for your company is always a key component of Crisp's interior design proposal. Office furniture may sound very mundane but to people working flat out, day in day out, it becomes a much more personal thing than just somewhere to work. And if it has to be shared in a hot-desking or work-share arrangement, it has to be right.

Our unbiased approach to every client means that we can deliver your individual concept, embrace your specific working practices, capture your vision and work within your budget. Sometimes, an off-the-shelf solution is the most appropriate, but a bespoke alternative may also be the answer to your brief.

As an example, let's take your reception desk. It says everything about you, your company and what you stand for. And incidentally, it might make a very big difference to how your receptionists feel about their crucially important "front of house" role. We all know what they say about first impressions!

Whether we are designing that 'special' piece of furniture, or proposing an 'off the shelf' solution, Crisp can design, procure, arrange the manufacture of and have built, the most appropriate furniture for your workplace requirements.